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Cleaning machine

basic information


Commercial Fruit and Vegetable Functional Washing Machine
1.Air bubble washing machine has been widely used in food processing industry,which helps to solve the washing problems of vegetables,fruits,aquatic productions ,etc.
2.This machine is made of USU304 stainless steel and mainly consists of motor,gear box,water pump,water tank and spraying pipes with nozzles.
3.The circulating water pump saves water, and it is advantageous to the water shortage area.
4.It's designed for various fruits and vegetables of different shapes.The air bubble and water pressure sprays can rinse the materials to avoid colliding with each other.The materials are soaked into the water and subjected to thorough agitation by powerful blower to remove dust and foreign particle.
5.The materials are washed by the high pressure water intensively,high effectively,and continuously.It's indispensable washing machine for fruit and vegetable or seafood processing.
6.The air bubble washing machine could be used for all kinds fruits and vegetables washing and could be configured in line with: Peeling Machine- Air Blower Drying Machine-Cutting Machine -Packing Machine etc.
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